Art Therapy Revitalises You

Art Therapy

Stress & Anxiety

Are you finding life hard to cope with and find that you are constantly worrying?

Do you feel constantly under pressure and that everyone around you is putting demands on you?

Or you might feel like you have obsessive thoughts or behaviours?

Or that you fear social situations.

Or struggle with flashbacks and nightmares.

Even constantly worry about your health?

You may even feel that you are suffering from panic attacks.

Panic attacks come in different forms, not just hyperventilation (rapid shallow breathing). They can feel like pounding or a racing heartbeat, feeling faint, dizziness or feeling light-headed, sweating, trembling or shacking or nausea.

Does all this make you feel low and hopeless?

Then I can help.

I do this by using my specialist art therapy skills and techniques to help you rediscover that loving relationship with yourself and find new ways of coping.

We can work together to help you manage your external pressures and develop emotional resilience.

Through this process I will help you re-discover the true you. And to help you move away from the past that is controlling you now in the present.

I invite you to take this journey of self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-discovery, and self-love, with me as your guide.

Working with me will enable you to regain control and SPARKLE AGAIN.

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