Art Therapy Revitalises You

About Us

We can make changes to get you to where you want to be. I will help you re-discover the true you.

I’m Caroline Burkett, BA(Hons) MA Founder of Sparkle Again Therapy. I specialise in working with women over 40, who aren’t happy with their life right now.

I’m an expert in talking to you, about what’s not working right now in your life, and most importantly how together we can make changes to get you to where you want to be. I will help you re-discover the true you.

My Unique Process

Art Therapy is Different from other ‘talking therapies’ for many different reasons, but here I will summarise in 7 different points. These points are linked to the 7 different art techniques that I am trained in which I can use and tailor to meet your needs or preferences.

The Visual Arts

What do the visual arts bring to therapy that other therapies cannot?

Thinking and talking can interfere with getting in touch with feelings. Words like ‘sadness’ and ‘fear’ are common labels we give to our feelings but they often fail to describe how we feel inside. This can lead to us feeling misunderstood and locked in the isolating world of their own particular emotional experience. Image making unlocks this isolating world.

Sculpture & Clay

What do Sculpture and clay bring to art therapy that other therapies cannot?

Like the visual arts, 3D materials are excellent in enabling you to express yourself and the 3D materials can really bring your emotions to life. Other benefits are that they can provide different perspectives and view points, and can be tactile and interactive.

Body Work & Movement

What does body work and movement bring to therapy that other therapies cannot?

Many ‘talking therapies’ might consider your breathing in their sessions, but I work with the body in a more complex way. I consider the therapeutic use of movement where the relationship between creativity and psychology is explored through the body and its expression.  With my training I am able to help you gain insight into what your body is communicating and to put you in contact with feelings and emotions that you have repressed.

Drama & Puppetry

What does Drama and Puppetry bring to therapy that other therapies cannot?

There are many methods and techniques in which Drama and Puppetry can be used, but here I will describe just a couple. Drama and Puppetry are extremely useful for exploring relationship problems and to gain an insight into the way you might interact with others. They are also excellent for rehearsing new ways of being or relating with other people, all in the safety of the art therapy room.


What does Poetry bring to therapy that other therapies cannot?

Like ‘talking therapies’ poetry does use words but in a creative expressive way. Using words this way does enable you to access deep emotions, where just talking cannot. Poetry in therapy should not be about what you think you should say but what you need to say and for you to have the freedom to express what is forbidden.

Sand Tray

What is sand tray and what does it bring to therapy that other therapies cannot?

Using sand tray in art therapy also helps you express yourself, but its approach is different to the others because it uses ready made objects. Sand tray exercises are effective in resolving conflicts or removing obstacles without the need to draw or sculpt. You will be able to set up microcosms of your life using the ready made miniature toys and figurines, who can represent true people and events for you, which can then be worked with. You will be able to create scenes about your life which can be explored and all of this is held and contained safely within the sand tray. You can then easily change or adapt your sand tray ‘image’ or scene as you work through your conflicts or resolutions.


What does music bring to therapy that other therapies cannot?

Music therapy can be used to help you improve your communications skills, self-confidence, self-awareness, and awareness of others. It can also help you with your

concentration and attention skills. Like all of the other arts we have looked at so far, using music is also an excellent way of expressing yourself.

However music also plays a fundamental role in our identity, culture, heritage and spiritual beliefs and it is a powerful medium that affects us deeply. Music can be exciting, calming, joyful, poignant and can stir memories, it also enables us to make powerful connections with others.