Art Therapy Revitalises You

Do you feel sad, confused, and don’t know where to start? Then I can help you.

Helping You Regain Your Sparkle

Are you a women over 40?

Are you feeling down?

Are you not really sure why, but know something’s wrong?

Do you feel sad, confused, and don’t know where to start?

Then I can help you.

It is likely that you are feeling depressed. Which makes you feel like you have no energy. You are probably overwhelmed at the thought of making any changes in your life and that happiness is out of your reach.

There are many reasons why we become depressed.

Often you might feel that life has not turned out quite how you planned or expected it. You may have hoped that you would have a sparkling career and that would be fulfilled and well paid. However the reality can be very different.

I’ve worked with many women who have struggled with balancing career and family life. Many have assumed that it would fit together naturally.

The thing is we are often our own worse critic for not living up to the ideal.

These thoughts make us feel useless, guilty and ungrateful.

It could also be that you feel your relationships are unhappy and unfulfilling. This can leave you feeling empty can’t it?

It’s no wonder that you may also feel exhausted but unable to sleep. When we feel like this it is natural to find comfort in that glass of wine, or bar chocolate or even drugs, prescription or otherwise. This of course can make us feel ashamed.

You don’t have to resort to this form of self-medication because I am able to make you feel better and sparkle again, leaving behind your hollow, empty, tired and maxed out version of yourself.

I will help you to rediscover your authentic self, and to reinvigorate you so that you recognise your own values and meet your own needs. This is not about being selfish this is about self-care.

Working with me will enable you to regain control and SPARKLE AGAIN

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Meet Caroline

I founded Sparkle Again therapy so that I could help women over 40 revitalize and to find new ways of being.

I do this by using my specialist art therapy skills and techniques to help you rediscover that loving relationship with yourself, and to help you move away from the past that is controlling you now in the present.

You don’t have to be ‘good’ at art because it’s not about how well you can draw its more about the process.

When I work with you I will listen carefully and will be compassionate and kind.

I invite you to take this journey of self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-discovery, and self-love, with me as your guide.

I vow to give you a gentle push when you need it, as well the compassion and understanding you deserve.

Working with me will enable you to regain control and SPARKLE AGAIN.

meet art therapy

Meet Art Therapy

What does art therapy offer that other therapies do not?

Art therapy offers you the ability to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions that sometimes cannot be expressed easily with words. Art therapy is not about good at art or the end result but more about the process. By working with you, and this process I will be able to gain a deeper understanding about you, and your inner thoughts and feelings in a way that is not intrusive.

The arts can also support you in the therapy room, especially if you find sitting opposite the therapist intense and maybe even overwhelming by bringing a different focus to the session. Art activities also help with feelings of stress and anxiety such as rapid breathing, increased heart rate and uncomfortable feelings in your stomach, by helping you to self regulation and find calmness.

How does art therapy work in an Art Therapy Session?

It will help by assisting us in discovering any unhelpful patterns of behaviour and thinking through the excellent communicational powers of the art. My training will also enable me to notice things that you might not be aware of. Once you begin to discover what patterns of behaviour are unhelpful we can work together to make changes, if that is what you decide. To summarise, art therapy moves you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

meet art therapy

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My Unique Process

Art Therapy is Different from other ‘talking therapies’ for many different reasons, but here I will summarise in 7 different points. These points are linked to the 7 different art techniques that I am trained in which I can use and tailor to meet your needs or preferences.

I’m Caroline Burkett, BA(Hons) MA Founder of Sparkle Again Therapy. I specialise in working with women over 40, who aren’t happy with their life right now.

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Caroline is a very thoughtful, professional and conscientious therapist and I can certainly recommend her for her work.

Cristiana de Rysky

Principal Art Psychotherapist

Caroline is a natural art therapist and uses image making with the client in the most efficient effective way. I am always impressed by her ability.


Art Therapist & Colleague

Caroline has really helped me understand ‘me’ and how I used to cope. She has helped me use communication instead of shutting everybody out.