Art Therapy Revitalises You

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”.  –Pablo Picasso

 As this quote from Picasso suggests as children we are not inhibited and we naturally use the arts to express ourselves. However unfortunately as we grow up the pressures from our society and culture tends to rub off on us and we become inhibited. We begin to believe that unless we are ‘good’ at art, or do not create art work in a certain way or to a certain standard that it is not worthwhile or valuable. We also become fearful of what others may say about our art work and their judgements. All this stops us being creative let alone allowing ourselves to make a mess!

Perfectionism is the biggest killer of creativity. Notice when you are approaching a task and are having ‘am I doing it right’ or ‘will it be good enough’ thoughts, notice them and let them go.

These pressures may also scare someone away from art therapy, or from creating any type of art or crafts for themselves. This is such a shame because the arts can bring us such enjoyment. Most people would love to be more creative.

The right side of your brain is considered to be your creative centre. Activities such as music, art and using your imagination are generally thought of as a right brain activity. You can stimulate your creativity and imagination through right-brain focused exercises.

That is why I suggest the following activity. It aims to help break down some of those walls and help and support you in creating a fun and judgement free zone. Firstly you need to clear your mind of any expectations and pressures that you might put on yourself.

What I suggest is that you use your non-dominant hand to make art. Your non-dominant hand generally governs the right hemisphere of your brain. Stimulating your right brain through drawing with your ‘wrong’ hand can help you get in touch with your creative, intuitive and emotional side.

It doesn’t matter what you draw, it can be anything a quick doodle or a detailed picture, it is the activity of using your non-dominant hand that will help you get in touch with your creative side, go on give it a go!