Art Therapy Revitalises You

Art therapy

I’ve planned to do a different ‘problem’ for each section rather than choose four different art techniques. They are: Relationship Problems, Stress & Anxiety, Depression, Bereavement.

Below is the copy for each of these ‘problems’.

Relationship Problems

Are your relationships unhappy and unfulfilling and you are not really sure why?

Does it feel like your connections between your loved ones, friends or work colleagues have broken down?

Do you fear being rejected or abandoned?

Do you feel isolated and lonely?

Do you feel like you are trying everything to achieve fulfilling relationships, but find nothing is working, and now you’re feel stuck and don’t know what to do next?

Stress & Anxiety

Are you finding life hard to cope with and find that you are constantly worrying?

Do you feel constantly under pressure and that everyone around you is putting demands on you?

Or you might feel like you have obsessive thoughts or behaviours?

Or that you fear social situations.

Or struggle with flashbacks and nightmares.

Even constantly worry about your health?


Do you find yourself struggling with feelings of sadness and sometimes not even know why?

Do feel tearful for no particular reason?

Do you constantly feel exhausted but are unable to rest?

Do you feel less able to cope with everyday life and are left feeling numb and empty?

You might even find it hard to motivate yourself, even to do the things you love.


Are you suffering from the loss of someone close to you?

Or are you feeling emotions of loss, due to the breakup of a relationship, loss of a job or pet?

Do you feel emotionally distressed?

Are you experiencing physical feelings of pain?

Do you feeling numb?

You may even feel shocked or disorientated?

Do you have feelings of anger and guilt?